How to increase sales on product pages

6 TIPS you can use TODAY (most brands skip at least one of the 6) πŸ‘‡

Let’s dig straight into these tips for how to get more sales with SEO:

βœ… Social Proof: Not many people dare to venture into the unknown, so, build social proof. Show your customer that there is a tribe that LOVES your product. Reviews, questions answered, videos, it all works. Reviews can help you gain credibility, especially if you have a celebrity endorsement. They also give Google the new, fresh content it loves. Just remember to use the review schema to mark them up!

βœ… Keyword Rich Content: Skip the fancy fluff in titles, and content. Tell your customer (and Google), exactly what the benefit is. Tell them how product X helps with problem Y. This will naturally have keywords in. You may even rank higher for doing this πŸ˜‰

βœ… Internal Links: There’s two benefits here; 1. You will funnel customers to your products. 2. YOU WILL RANK PRODUCTS higher on Google with internal links. Job done..

βœ… Reduce Buyer Friction: look at your product from your customer’s vision, not your brand. What does the customer need to know about your product? Delivery info maybe….

βœ… Rich Media: One of the tricky things of purchasing online is that you cannot physically touch or feel the product. So what’s the next best thing? QUALITY IMAGES and videos, on the other hand, can help close the gap by giving customers the touch they need to feel at ease about their purchases.

βœ… Speed: I shouldn’t have to even tell you this one. But, in 2022, NOBODY is waiting for a page to load. Every second that goes by is basically asking your competitor to take this customer off your hands. Speed. Crazyegg discovered that increasing the speed of a page by only one second increased conversions by 7%. If your website earns $100,000 per day, a one-second improvement generates an additional $7,000. A one-second delay in loading time often results in an 11% drop in pageviews. Also, a one-second delay in loading time results in a 7% reduction in conversions.

DON’T FORGET SCHEMA, custom schema πŸ”₯

Top tip; Don’t just delete a product that is no longer in stock and call it a day. That product could be driving serious traffic and revenue.

To summariseπŸ’‘

Have all bases covered above and your products will be in a better place.

Have a great day ✌️

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Louis Smith


Louis Smith started with a computing degree learning to code and build website. Then, his career quickly changed when he falls into marketing, more importantly, SEO.

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