Who is Louis Smith?

Are you looking for an SEO that cuts out the smart talk, and just focuses on increasing your brand’s revenue? Over the years I’ve helped small-medium to fortune-500 companies reach to the top of Google to increase organic revenue.

louis smith freelance ecommerce seo consultant
louis smith freelance shopify seo consultant

About me

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Louis Smith started with a computing degree, learning to code and build websites. Then, his career quickly changed when he fell into marketing and, more importantly, eCommerce SEO. Which led Louis to become a freelance Shopify SEO expert.

Louis quickly saw the value SEO can have to a business’s bottom line with increase eCommerce product sales (ROI).

Then, we was hooked and created an SEO service for eCommerce brands on platforms such as Shopify.This may sound cliche: Louis loves what he does.

He devotes his life to staying on the sharp-edge of Google’s updates and perfecting his craft in eCommerce SEO, and sharing daily eCommerce guides and tips on LinkedIn.Louis has worked with brands such as Otrium, Ling’s Moments, LifeHack and more. He’s also been featured on Yahoo and other news features. As well, as sharing eCommerce case studies.

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I’m not here to dance around with your investment. I’m straight to the point and 100% focused on growing your brand’s organic revenue with SEO.

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