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👉 ECommerce SEO eBook To Build A Growth Strategy ($0)

  • Get eCommerce growth strategy tips
  • Understand your content cluster plan as an eCommerce brand
  • Learn more about topical authority with your content clusters
  • Get tips on link building and why it’s important for an eCommerce brand to still grow in 2023
  • Technical SEO is super-important for eCommerce brands. Get tips and strategies inside this free eCommerce SEO eBook

👉 Freelancing eBook of My 6-Figure Career ($9)

  • Get tips on how I’ve helped eCommerce brands scale by becoming a professional freelancer
  • Gain knowledge on how to build your credibility as a freelance
  • Understand and learn what it takes to hit 6-figures freelancing, like I’ve done as a freelance SEO consultant 
  • Learn to avoid s**t problems you may come across along the way on your freelancer journey

👉 Book a Power Hour 🧠

  • Get answers to your burning questions
  • Get clarity on your eCommerce growth strategy 
  • Get answers about your SEO and CRO strategy 
  • Get tips I’ve learned over the years from working with global eCommerce brands 
  • Get tips on your current in-house systems

👉 Product Page SEO And CRO Checklist

  • Click the link below to open up the spreadsheet
  • Work through collumn A
  • Work though the sub-headings in collumn A
  • Use collumn B + C to grade the current segment of the product page
  • Use you expertise for the 80/20 rule
  • Decide on which key points will have the biggest impact for CRO and SEO

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