Ecommerce Product Page SEO & CRO Checklist

110 Point E-commerce Product Page SEO And Conversion Rate Optimisation Checklist 🛍️

Product pages are fragile and need care for complete optimisation to rank, and to convert a customer, right?

They need:

  • Conversion rate optimisation to test conversion strategies
  • Auditing for best ranking opportunities
  • Optimising for search engines
  • Developing to create a strong UX

My CRO check sheet is the answer to your conversion problems. Best of all, you can add it to tools like Notion etc. 

Are you ready to start improving conversions?

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Quick SEO tips for product pages 📈

My checklist will help you find quick SEO wins – however, they’re not silver bullets. 

You still have to put in manual work to audit your brand’s product pages etc. 

Product page SEO tips to quickly check:

  1. Adjust Your Keyword Strategy
  2. Make title and meta description improvements
  3. Add Structured Data To Product Pages 
  4. Include Detailed And Useful FAQs
  5. Ensure that your product and meta descriptions are original.
  6. Provide actual testimonials and client feedback
  7. Testing Different Landing Pages to Find the Best
  8. Make use of  epic video and imagery
  9. Reduce Page Loading Times
  10. Check For Technical Issues On Your Product Pages

Benefits of my CRO checklist Excel sheets

Every brand should be working on CRO. If you don’t, your business is leaving profits on the table.

Benefit What It Means for Your Online Shop
Better Sales Figures Going through each step on the checklist can significantly boost your sales, as it helps smooth out any bumps that might be putting customers off.
Improved Shopper Experience By ensuring your site is easy to use and navigate, the checklist helps make shopping with you a real pleasure for your customers.
Stronger Customer Engagement A top-notch product page keeps customers interested, meaning they’ll likely spend more time on your site and engage more with your products.
Increased Trust and Reputation Having a professional and well-thought-out product page builds trust with your customers, making them more likely to buy from you.
Greater Return on Investment Turning more visitors into buyers means you’re getting more bang for your buck from your website and marketing efforts.
Informed Business Decisions The checklist encourages you to make decisions based on actual customer behaviour and feedback, which is always good for business.
Edge Over Competitors An optimised product page could set you apart from the competition, giving your shop a distinct advantage in the marketplace.

6 more Benefits of CRO for your eCommerce brand:

  1. 👥 Get to know your customers better for conversions: Understand their needs and pain points through research and user-centric CRO experiments. I have helped many brands with these steps and it’s key to improving conversions.
  2. 💰 Decrease acquisition costs: Maximize the value of advertising spending by converting your new users into customers, which is the goal, right?!
  3. 🚀 Convert your current website traffic: Optimise for existing users, engage returning visitors, and improve UX… This will help you a lot in 2024, even with the Google updates. 
  4. 💎 Increase current customer lifetime value: Target loyal customers with personalised messages and recommendations.
  5. 🛠️ Make your UX more functional: Use CRO to enhance overall user experience and fix UX issues.
  6. 🌟 Improve PX and brand reputation: Show users you care about their experience, build trust and maintain consistent branding.

How to use the product page CRO and SEO audit checklist ✅

product page cro checklist

To use the audit checklist:

  • Click the link below to open up the spreadsheet
  • Work through column A
  • Work through the sub-headings in column A
  • Use column B + C to grade the current segment of the product page
  • Use your expertise for the 80/20 rule
  • Decide on which key points will have the biggest impact on CRO and SEO

Shopify CRO Checklist

If you want to fuel sales on channels such as Google Shopping. You need a Shopify optimisation checklist. This is it!

These points will 100% improve your product pages!

I put some good hours into this, so hope it helps the community ✌️

Louis 🙂

Louis Smith


Louis Smith started with a computing degree learning to code and build website. Then, his career quickly changed when he falls into marketing, more importantly, SEO.

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