Growth Ecommerce Audit Service 📈

  • Actionable Audit ✅
  • Customer focused 
  • SEO Growth opportunities
  • Customer-driven revenue audit 

E-commerce audits delivered by an experienced eCommerce consultant.

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Ecommerce audits benefit your technical SEO and content !

“I will rip apart your eCommerce store. Find opportunities. Then, create a roadmap for your brand.”

How The Ecommerce Audit Works

ecommerce audit service how it works
  1. Content and SEO Audit:
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of your content strategy
    • Perform an SEO audit to ensure your site is visible to search engines and ranks highly for target keywords 
  2. Operational Inefficiencies:
    • Identifying and addressing blockages, inefficiencies, and excess costs that hinder business organic revenue potential
  3. Ecommerce Growth:
    • Using audits to uncover opportunities for streamlining, automating processes, and driving growth.
  4. Cross-Selling and Upselling:
    • Using audit data to increase cross-selling and upselling opportunities, to improve overall SEO revenue
  5. Conversion Rate Optimisation and UX audit:
    • Improving store such as user experience, site speed, and security to enhance click-through rates and ultimately drive more sales
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Why Conduct An Ecommerce Audit?

✅ Audit current strategy 

✅ Look for “leaky holes’ in eCommerce SEO strategy 

✅ Use expert “fresh eyes” on your project 

Benefits of an Audit For Your Technical SEO?

✅ Keep your site up-to-date 

✅ improve your store’s performance 

✅ Identify friction in the buying journey 

✅ Identify cross-selling opportunities 

What Will Be The Outcome of The Audit?

✅ Get a clear roadmap for your eCommerce store’s growth strategy

✅ Get clear insights on how your brand is performing in search 

✅ Get a content audit roadmap

Increase your product page sales
with a growth audit for your eCommerce store.

My eCommerce audits are made to look at a few or all of the important aspects of your online store.

The audits cover things like the;

  • front-end user experience
  • efficiency
  • growth strategy
  • customer journey
  • analytics
  • check out process
  • UX

All done to rip part of your eCommerce store’s data. This will then pave a new growth roadmap for your brand.

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Opportunities Developed From an eCommerce Growth Audit

Full SEO Audit

Let's develop an SEO plan for your Shopify website after
thoroughly examining your website, your competitors,
and talking about your brand's goals.

Marketing Strategy

We'll work on a long-term, data-driven strategy to improve your ranking on search engines. Both short-term and long-term objectives will be emphasised.

Topical Research For Content Clusters

Along with putting a strong emphasis on quality content, i will optimise your keywords and targeted landing pages.

In-depth Technical Audit

I will perform a technical SEO assessment, and since we also create Shopify websites, we can address any issues that come up technically.

Trust and Authority Building

Along with the other actions, we'll strive to improve your website's authority in Google's eyes, which will elevate it in search results.

Speed Optimisation

Google prefers quick websites and will occasionally rank them higher than slow ones. Any speed concerns may be resolved because we are skilled developers.

5 types of ecommerce audits

SEO audits

Assesses and improves your website’s search engine ranking. SEO audits are needed to make sure your eCommerce store has the best chance of ranking and increasing organic profits. Without an SEO audit, your website might not be optimised for Google crawl bots. This leads to poor rankings.

UX audit

Ensures a user-friendly, efficient website experience. UX is key to engaging your customers and increasing the probablity of a conversion.
UX audit should find you opportunities for innovation and differentiation. By examining competitors’ products and industry best practices, businesses can identify areas where they can stand out and provide a unique user experience.

Also, a UX audit offers numerous benefits, including improved user satisfaction, increased engagement, valuable user insights, innovation opportunities, enhanced accessibility, and cost savings. By investing in a UX audit, you can optimise your products and services, ultimately leading to a competitive advantage in the market.

Platform audits

Helps choose the right website platform and optimise it for your eCommerce needs. Every brand has custom requirements – I’ve experienced many of them. For example, a brand might use 3rd party software and this is not compatible with every platform.

Content audit

Evaluates the quality and effectiveness of your website’s content. My content audits rip apart your content strategy and find holes, but more importantly room for growth. We need to find your “dead SEO pages” and also opitimse those “low hanging fruits”.

Key features include:

  • Comprehensive Content Audit: Analyse your existing content inventory with ease, identifying gaps, redundancies, and areas for improvement.
  • Actionable Recommendations: Receive detailed reports and actionable recommendations to enhance your content quality, relevance, and engagement.
  • Streamlined Workflow: Seamlessly organise and categorise your content assets, streamlining your content management process for increased efficiency.

With my Content Audit Tool, you can unlock the full potential of your content, driving higher engagement, improved SEO performance, and increased audience satisfaction. Upgrade your content strategy today and unleash the true power of your digital presence with Louis Smith’ content audits.

CRO audit

Optimises the conversion process to increase your sales and customer satisfaction.
Key features of my CRO audit include:

  • In-depth analysis of your website’s design, user experience, and overall performance.
  • Identification of areas for improvement to enhance user engagement and increase conversions.
  • Conversion funnel analysis to identify potential bottlenecks and optimise the customer journey.
  • A detailed report outlining actionable steps and best practices to implement CRO strategies effectively.

By leveraging our CRO audit benefits, you can unlock the full potential of your website, attract more qualified leads, and ultimately boost your business growth. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to optimise your conversion rates and stay ahead of the competition.


Frequently Asked Questions

During an e-commerce SEO audit, you review the condition of your website and put the suggested changes into practice. This will then lead to better conversion rates, more visitors, and higher page ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs).

An ecommerce assessment, sometimes referred to as ecommerce testing or ecommerce evaluation, entails testing many aspects of your website, such as its design, pages, functionality, and features, to ascertain how well it performs and functions as a whole.

Ecommerce valuation is often determined by evaluating a company’s existing and projected profitability as well as its potential for expansion. This is accomplished by taking into account elements including the amount of revenue earned, the company’s present financial situation, and the strength of its competitive position.


The 4 C’s of Marketing are Cost, Customer, Convenience, and Communication. Each one important gears within eCommerce.

A user-friendly shopping experience with simple navigation, thorough product information, customer feedback, and secure payment methods is what most e-commerce businesses aim to provide. Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Shopify are a few examples of online shops.


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