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Without increasing your advertising budget, let’s convert your visitors into buyers. Let’s increase your profits with a Shopify CRO strategy.

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Improve traffic and keyword rankings!

“I will rip apart your eCommerce store. Find opportunities. Then, create a roadmap for your brand.”

4 Step Shopify CRO Strategy

Step 1


customer journey audits

Step 2

viral marketing

data benchmarks

Step 3


Optimise your

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Increase Your Profits

What Is Conversion Rate Optimisation?

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is optimising small changes for micro-conversions. This will then lead to macro-conversions, increased profits.

As a Shopify service expert, I use both quantitative and qualitative strategies, together with my years of experience, to apply strategies, tools, and techniques to provide recommendations that will increase your Shopify sales.

CRO Tools And Strategies For Increased Profits

I offer you a suite of powerful CRO tools and techniques designed to supercharge your online success and increase profits.

How my CRO tools help your Shopify store’s performance:

1. Heat Map Recording


– Visualise User Behavior
– Uncover insights into where visitors are most engaged on your website.
– Identify hotspots and optimise for increased user engagement.

2. Session Recording Analysis


– Real-Time User Insights
– Gain access to real-time recordings of user sessions.
– Understand how users navigate your site, helping you spot and address pain points.

3. Competitor Analysis


– Stay Ahead of the Curve
– Analyse your competitors’ strategies and performance.
– Use valuable insights to refine your own approach and gain a competitive edge.

4. User Feedback and Surveys


– Customer-Centric Improvements
– Collect direct feedback from your audience.
– Tailor your website based on user preferences and needs, enhancing their experience.

5. A/B Testing


– Data-Driven Decision-Making
– Conduct experiments to optimize your website.
– Identify the winning variations that drive more conversions.

My tools are your key to unlocking answers to critical questions such as:

Where are visitors dropping out of the sales journey?


– Plug Revenue Leaks
– Pinpoint and resolve abandonment issues to incresase your conversion rate.

What friction exists that prevents a sale?


– Smoother User Experience
– Remove barriers that hinder conversions, making the path to purchase seamless.

How can we persuade customers to spend more?


– Maximise Revenue
– Implement strategies that encourage customers to increase their spending.

What Will Be The Outcome Of The Shopify CRO Service?

Shopify audits

✅ Increased user engagement

✅ Increased conversions

✅ Increased brand trust

✅ Increased micro-conversions

✅ Increased sales

Frequently Asked Questions

During your Shopify SEO audit, I review the condition of your website and put the suggested changes into practice. This will then lead to better conversion rates, more visitors, and higher page ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs).

An ecommerce assessment, sometimes referred to as ecommerce testing or ecommerce evaluation, entails testing many aspects of your website, such as its design, pages, functionality, and features, to ascertain how well it performs and functions as a whole.

Ecommerce valuation is often determined by evaluating a company’s existing and projected profitability as well as its potential for expansion. This is accomplished by taking into account elements including the amount of revenue earned, the company’s present financial situation, and the strength of its competitive position.


The 4 C’s of Marketing are Cost, Customer, Convenience, and Communication. Each one important gears within eCommerce.

Retail audits analyse the customer’s in-store experience with your items to help firms measure and track retail success. Your brand may find out how long it takes to locate your products on the shelf, how helpful store staff is, whether there is an abundance or scarcity of stock, and more by conducting a retail audit.

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