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How I Grew Organic Traffic & Revenue By 184.091% to collection and product pages in 6 months

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Optimise Your Shopify Store

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Written By Louis Smith

Case study: 184.091% increase in organic traffic for a vape Shopify brand 📈

shopify seo case study traffic growth

An online Shopify vape store wanted to;

  • Increase organic revenue 💰
  • Increase traffic 📈
  • Increase organic market share 🍰
  • Improve UX 🛍️

This online e-commerce Shopify brand approached me to seek our Shopify SEO services to help them achieve organic growth. 

Here is why they needed my help:

Too much reliance on ads: With low ROI ads, the business wanted to garner more traffic to their site through search

Poor online presence for the quality of product: Their website had few visitors and generated fewer sales because of their poor Shopify SEO. Looking to scale: The business had laid down foundations to support growth with new products and staff.

Needed to optimise Shopify: The enterprise wasn’t sure how to go about Shopify SEO since Shopify SEO technical issues require special attention.

We grew the store by at least a 184.091% organic traffic increase in five months, including pushing up high-value collections and product pages within the top 5 positions on Google. Part of the strategy also included optimising eCommerce product page templates. I created my own eCommerce CRO checklist Google Sheet to help with conversions. 

Auditing and Building The Shopify Strategy Roadmap 📈

The Shopify SEO problems to fix

The brand was making it difficult for users to find related topical product journeys.

 As with many SEO e-commerce projects, indexed Shopify tags were a big concern. While they are a fantastic Shopify feature that makes it easy for users to narrow down product selection and allow you to categorise products, they are a thin/duplicate nightmare

The brand had too many bad pages indexed in Google and no control over them within the Shopify robots.txt

❌ Product page templates were weak and lacked social proof 

Poor use of schema 

Poor use of internal linking 

Weak on-page

Bad CTR strategy


The Shopify strategy To 184.091% to increase customers visiting collection and product pages 📈

Using the 80/20 eCommerce SEO strategy

✅ Created new landing pages to match the intent of the customers

✅ Fixed any Shopify SEO errors that was impacting crawlers and revenue 

✅ Edited the robots.txt to remove bad pages out of Google 

✅ Fixed schema to create rich snippets to impact click-through rate 

✅ Created annotation testing to focus on improving product page templates

✅ Edited product page templates to help with conversion rate optimisation

✅ Edited homepage and main navigation to create a better eCommerce user experience (UX)

✅ Redirected dead pages that head links going to them 

✅ Planned and actioned internal linking to build out new content funnels

What were the Shopify SEO results? ✅

As a result of the SEO/UX campaign, the Shopify client experienced the following:

  • 184.091% organic traffic increase within five months
  • Improved ranking of collections and production pages
  • Increase in organic sales
  • Better user experience (UX)
  • Improved conversion rate optimisation 

Frequently Asked Questions

Shopify SEO is a series of adjustments on the Shopify platform that helps optimise your content. As a result, your site pages can be easily recognised by Google Search engines which bring traffic to your website, helping increase sales.

Several benefits accrue from using SEO for your online shop. They include:

  • Sales Conversion: This refers to the users visiting your site. An ideal conversion rate is 2 to 5%. With good SEO, you can attain a higher conversion rate. This increase can result from changes in the design of your site and keyword trial.
  • Staying ahead of competitors: Using SEO gives you a competitive edge. With a well-optimised site, you will garner more traffic to your site and enjoy increased sales. SEO rankings will let you know who is doing better than you. This way, you can identify the tactics they are using to stay ahead and use them to your benefit.
  • Further profit: Every enterprise’s end goal is to improve its profit margins. When visitors come across your site and see products or services that appeal to them, they might be your customers. This isn’t only short-term. With proper SEO, you could reap long-term benefits.

Other Shopify SEO issues you may come across include:

  • Missing on-page elements (you can see more here about Shopify on-page SEO tips)
  • Slow-loading themes
  • No redirect with a trailing slash
  • I talk here about ranking Shopify collection pages:

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