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Increase traffic with SEO!

I’ll work with you to identify the best “money” keywords to target, and then help you increase traffic and revenue with SEO.

Proven Case Studies That Increase your Shopify product page
sales with SEO!

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👉 If you’re running a Shopify store, you know that good search engine optimisation (SEO) is crucial for driving traffic and sales to your online store.

👉 But with so many different ranking factors to consider, it can be overwhelming trying to optimise your store on your own.

👉 That’s where I can help you

Shopify SEO Supercharged Addons

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✅ Ecommerce Revenue Growth SEO

Get help to deliver your products and services to your target customers on Google. From content to link building, I won't stop till your sales increase.

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✅ Content Strategy For Page 1 Rankings

Whether you're a large company or small business, I help your create topical authority with Content Marketing that increases rankings, traffic and sales.

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Straight up, links are needed for rankings. But, only quality links work. I make sure each link is a digital asset for your brand. Only quality links matter for me and your brand.

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✅ CRO To Increase Your Conversions

Get traffic, but more importantly, convert that traffic. I help you with conversion rate optimisation (CRO). Analysing data, creating A/B tests, and then customising your site.

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✅ Technical SEO For a Fluid Website

Don't let rankings drop by having poor technical SEO. I will make sure your website is running like a well-oiled machine for the search engines and your customers.

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✅ SEO traffic Consulting

I will help you to develop a realistic SEO strategy and implement the changes that will help you meet your organic traffic goals and increase sales on the search engines.

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✅ Website Heirarchy Optimisation

You get your website optimised for eCommerce topical clusters. From your navigation to page level, I help you organise your Shopify website.

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✅ Product Page Template Optimisation

I help you build product pages that are ready for SEO and CRO to increase your Shopify product page sales.

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✅ Data Tracking

I hook software into your Shopify marketing strategy to make better marketing decisions.

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✅ Access To Winning Shopify SEO Strategies

Many Shopify brands have benefited from my strategies. Your store will be optimised from experience!

Shopify Migration Guides

Thinking of migrating to Shopify? Shopify migrations can be successful when done correctly. However, many problems can arise such as redirects and 404 pages. No brand wants to lose profits and traffic because of a bad migration. 

I have created these migration Shopify guides for you from my experience of helpings brands migrate to the eCommerce platform. 

Why Not Start With a Shopify Audit To Find Growth Opportunities? 📈

Shopify audits are a great way to take your Shopify store from good to increasing revenue. Also, you know what’s better than getting a new customer? Keeping that customer! I can help you do that by making sure your Shopify store is set up for success. I’ll help you fix all the technical errors, improve your SEO growth opportunities, and make sure you’re on the right track with your customer journey (see the Shopify case study).

When you get an audit done on your Shopify store, I’ll give you a roadmap of what needs improvement and how to make it happen so that you can increase revenue and build a better Shopify store for SEO.

Shopify SEO Strategies for Your Brand's Traffic 📈

Full SEO Shopify Audit

Let's develop an SEO plan for your Shopify website after thoroughly examining your website, and your competitors, and talking about your brand's goals.

Marketing Strategy

We'll work on a long-term, data-driven strategy to improve your ranking on search engines. Both short-term and long-term objectives will be emphasised.

Topical Research For Content Clusters

Along with putting a strong emphasis on quality content, i will optimise your keywords and targeted landing pages.

In-depth Technical Audit

I will perform a technical SEO assessment, and since we also create Shopify websites, we can address any issues that come up technically.

Trust and Authority Building

Along with the other actions, we'll strive to improve your website's authority in Google's eyes, which will elevate it in search results.

Speed Optimisation

Google prefers quick websites and will occasionally rank them higher than slow ones. Any speed concerns may be resolved because we are skilled developers.

Shopify SEO Case Study 📈

Are you struggling to incease traffic to your Shopify store. And, also to increase sales? You’re not alone. See how my Shopify SEO services transformed a struggling Shopify store into a thriving e-commerce success. Click below to read my Shopify case study. Let me show you the path to growth with SEO. Your store’s potential is just a click away!

Is Shopify Good For SEO?

A lot of brand owners and SEO teams wonder if Shopify is good for SEO. Yes, it’s a solid platform. You only have to look at brands like GymShark that use the platform.

See Shopify SEO and UX Guides

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Is Shopify good for SEO?

Mastering SEO for Fashion E-commerce

Choosing the Right Shopify Plan

Shopify Sitemap Guide For Google Search Console 2023

Shopify launching “one-page” checkout-new updates for 2023

Shopify Statistics for 2023

How to Optimise a Shopify Website in 2023

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6 Benefits of Shopify for SEO

#1 Mobile friendliness

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Google has made it quite obvious that this is a crucial element in search engine results. Each theme on Shopify is mobile responsive, which means that it will adapt to any screen size.

#2 Fast Loading Times

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Shopify is designed for quick page loads, which is a key ranking criteria. Your pages will load quicker as a result, which may raise your search engine rating.

#3 Simple Integration of Shopify SEO Apps

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Shopify provides a sizable app store with a wide selection of SEO tools and applications. You may use these tools to watch your search engine rankings, improve your meta tags, and assess the performance of your website.

#4 Customisable URLs

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Shopify gives you the option to personalise your URLs, which helps raise your rating on search engines. Search engines can more readily grasp what your website is about since you can quickly change the URL for each of your products and pages.

#5 Secure Hosting

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Both the user experience and SEO depend on security. Your website is safe from hackers and other internet dangers because Shopify offers secure hosting.

#6 Simple to Use

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Shopify is a simple to use and understand platform. This makes simple for you to update your website, add new goods, and improve your pages’ search engine optimization. Shopify offers useful tools and support to assist you in enhancing your SEO efforts.

What Are The Best Shopify Apps?


Free Shopify app that helps improve your website’s
loading times and makes it easier to add important
information to your pages.

#2 Image Optimizer SEO

This app allows you to easily edit alt tags, resize
images, and compress files to improve website
performance and enhance the user experience.

#3 Smart SEO

With features like SEO audits, keyword suggestions, and
meta tag optimization, Smart SEO is an all-in-one tool
for improving your website’s search engine ranking

#4 Plug in SEO

A comprehensive Shopify app that scans your website for SEO issues and provides easy-to-follow recommendations for fixing them.

#5 SEO Booster Plus

With features like structured data, auto-updates for alt text, and suggested keyword, this app provides detailed insights and reports for boosting your ranking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shopify SEO is the process of optimising a Shopify store and its products for search engines, with the goal of improving the store’s ranking and visibility in search results. This includes researching and targeting relevant keywords, optimising product titles and descriptions, and ensuring that the store is technically optimised and free of errors.

Shopify SEO is important because it helps your store get found by potential customers who are searching for the products you sell. The higher your store ranks in search results, the more likely it is that people will click on your store and visit it. This can lead to increased traffic and sales for your store.

There are a number of steps you can take to optimise your Shopify store for SEO:

– Research and target relevant keywords.
– Optimise your product titles and descriptions.
– Make sure your store is technically optimised (e.g. by fixing any errors and ensuring it is fully indexed by search engines).
– Build high-quality backlinks to your store.
– Regularly update and add new content to your store.

You can certainly try to do Shopify SEO on your own, especially if you have some experience with SEO. However, it can be a complex and time-consuming process, and there is a lot of room for error. Hiring a professional Shopify SEO freelancer or agency can be a worthwhile investment, as they have the expertise and resources to help you get the best possible results.

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