Beginner tips for landing clients on Upwork

7 Beginner Tips For Landing Clients On UpworkπŸ’‘

Do you want to rocket your freelance career in 2022 on Upwork? I can help!

I’m actively growing a business on Upwork!

 Check out these eleven Upwork success ideas for 2021 to help you land more gigs.

#1 Make sure you’re keeping busy on the platform πŸ”

The ultimate aim is for clients to seek you out, but you must first be active – super active! You should evaluate the freshly listed opportunities on Upwork on a regular basis. Don’t sit back when you’re starting out praying the work will come to you, because it won’t.

Use your connects to submit a proposal when you see a job that matches your skill set. When starting out, don’t worry about saving connects. Get them jobs landed!  You boost your chances of being mentioned in Upwork search results by submitting proposals on a regular basis and being active on the site.

#2 Make sure to focus on the client

Make it about the client!


Here’s the thing, clients are seeking for freelancers who can assist them in solving their issue/s.

They want to know can you help and how you can do it. Sounds fair, right?

Always keep your attention on the customer and their problem. Describe how you will add value to the client. Make your profile, proposals, and communication about them rather than about you.

#3 Awesome work is forever rewarded on Upwork πŸ₯‡

Here’s a KEY TIP! Make it your BESTEST WORK when working on a project for any client. DO NOT sacrifice 5 stars for poor work.

The better the work you provide to your clients, the more projects you’ll be able to secure in the future. That’s me being straight up with you!

As you establish a reputation for quality work, clients will seek you out. Rather than looking for employment openings, you’ll get alerts from clients inviting you to an interview. You might then consider increasing your prices to earn even more money on each subsequent assignment.

#4 Find your niche

Don’t spread yourself thin trying to land clients. For example, if you’re a developer, don’t say you’re an accountant for the sake of landing clients. Stick to your  skill sets, and then it will be easier to skyrocket your freelancing company. It may seem counterintuitive to not apply for every job available. However, as you expand your freelancing in 2022, it’s critical to be thoughtful about the services you provide

Here’s the secret…

Specialising establishes you as an expert in your field. Did’nt you know the riches are in the niches πŸ™‚ and you may construct a portfolio to demonstrate your abilities. 

Clients will realise how you can help them with their problems if they look at your previous work history because you’ve done it before for other clients.

#5 Create an awesome profile πŸ“Έ

Don’t skip this one. Your profile is the first thing a business will check and one of the top ways to acquire more Upwork jobs is to improve your profile. MAKE IT SHINE! Your profile gives you the chance to promote your freelancing company to potential clients by your AWESOME talents and experience. Successful profiles are 100% filled in. Also, keep them to the point, and make them convincing in describing your skills and accomplishments.

Don’t forget…

You must have a completely completed profile to be eligible for Upwork’s badges, such as Top Rated or Rising Talent.

#6 Your proposal needs to be QUALITY

This is not easy at the start, so don’t get stressed out with this.

Writing proposals for Upwork is a skill that takes time to improve. Use templates sparingly, and DO NOT copy and paste generic proposals.

You need to stand out from a crowded place.

Proposals for projects should be original and focused on how you can assist the customer. Show the customer why they should choose you by emphasising how your experience aligns with their project objectives. 

#7 Don’t hit them with a wall of text

Keep your pitch brief and to the point; often, 100-400 words will tell the customer what they need to know.

If you receive a response from a potential client, you must answer within 24 hours. Although, I try to answer a lot faster!

As they analyse prospects for the project, many clients may message you with follow-up questions. You may distinguish yourself from the other contenders by replying quickly and thoroughly to the client’s inquiries.

Louis Smith


Louis Smith started with a computing degree learning to code and build website. Then, his career quickly changed when he falls into marketing, more importantly, SEO.

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