Is SEO important for Shopify stores?

Is SEO important for Shopify stores? πŸ€”

Is SEO important for Shopify stores?


If you own a Shopify brand and you’re looking to increase traffic and profits, then you need to work on SEO.

Benefits of SEO for Shopify πŸŽ‰

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There are a few key points for me here.

SEO is the best channel for marketing

Is SEO important for Shopify stores?

People think SEO is just driving

traffic to your shopify store.

What SEO is, is feeding your ecosystem.

It’s building your brand, and it’s also driving profits.

SEO Feeds Omni-channel Marketing

With an SEO campaign, you’re going to feed email,

retargeting, PPC, et cetera, and

you’re also going to build your brand.

You start picking off traffic for collections, products, and funnels.

You’re going to build your Shopify brand, and you’re going to build a sustainable marketing channel that’s going to keep working in 2024, 2025, 2026, and then who knows what’s going to happen in the future.

SEO is More Than Just Traffic

With an SEO campaign, people think it’s blogs.

It’s not, you’re working on your customer experience, working on customer journeys, you’re working on user experience.

There’s so much that goes into a Shopify SEO campaign.

From mobile journeys to product page templates.

SEO is going to:

  • optimise your website
  • help PPC
  • it’s going to help email
  • it’s going to help your content strateg
  • it’s going to help your overall brand with traffic and profits.

Shopify SEO Problems

Now, Shopify has bugs as an industry, we know that, but the bugs are fixable.

I’ve never had a problem ranking a Shopify store.

You only have to look at brands like Gymshark, that’s on the platform, that drives obviously millions of traffic to the website.

Is Shopify The Best Ecommerce Platform?

Shopify now is for me, the biggest platform and the best in the world for e-commerce brands.

You only have to search Shopify brands, and you can see some of the world’s best brands on there.

I’ve worked with some of the most exciting brands and there’s never been a problem with ranking pages.

SEO Investment with Shopify

The thing with SEO is it’s an investment as a brand.

It’s not just a quick fix, but with SEO, you’re going to build your sustainable marketing channel, and it’s going to give you returns over a longer period.

So is SEO worth it for a Shopify store?

100%! Brands that ignore SEO are leaving money on the table.

They’re investing all this money into PPC, all this money into email, et cetera, when they could be doing so much for organic search.

You only have to run any brand through SEO tools such as Ahrefs, and SEMrush to see the potential keywords on page 2.

For example, 220 thousand searches a month, and it’s like $7 a click for a paid click – and that’s just ignored.

That’s the reality of SEO.

SEO Gives Shopify Stores Opportunities

There are opportunities with every brand, from small up to nine-figure brands, and there’s an opportunity with SEO.

So, yeah, that’s my thoughts.

Love the platform, and continue to work with some amazing brands on there.

SEO is huge for Shopify.

So don’t think you can’t optimise a Shopify store because you 100% can.

Let me know your thoughts. Thank you.


Louis Smith


Louis Smith started with a computing degree learning to code and build website. Then, his career quickly changed when he falls into marketing, more importantly, SEO.

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